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Finding the right home is rarely easy, and finding out what you can afford is one of the first steps. You can take this step by pre-qualifying for a home loan. This step will help you narrow your search for both a neighborhood and particular houses.

A pre-qualification is a simple calculation that considers several factors, but primarily your income. There are no guarantees with a prequalification, but it will be expected of you when you make an offer on a home. Some home buyers take six months or longer to find an affordable home in an ideal location.

Buying a home is a series of compromises. No home is perfect, but the following are some steps to make home buying a little easier.

  • Shop for your home mortgage before shopping for a home. Contact us to ask about our preferred lenders who can offer free pre-approvals for you!

  • Inspect several houses before making a purchase offer.

  • Understand who the real estate agent really represents.

  • Before making your purchase offer, insist that the agent prepare a written comparative market analysis (CMA) for you.

  • Insist that the home seller disclose all material defects in writing.

  • Include mortgage finance and professional inspection contingencies in your purchase offer.

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